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Resolution Woes · May 9, 2012

Oh, my unbridled naivety! My last post discussed a new game, and how quickly it was coming together. Of course, any project is easy to start, and the real difficulty is dealing with the soul-crushing minor issues that rear their heads when you’re almost done. In my case, dealing with image assets for 3 different […]

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End of 2011: Giving Back · January 3, 2012

As you all may have noticed, it’s 2012 now. The end of every year has its’ share of annoyances, not least of which are people trying to get you to donate money before the end of the year. If you visited Wikipedia at all in the past month, you’ve no doubt completely tuned out the […]

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Unity Challenge · November 30, 2011

It’s about time to learn something new. After publishing a few iOS projects using cocos2d as a programming framework, I’ve decided that I’m finally going to learn how to use Unity. I’ve always been on the cusp of using Unity since I first found out about it. At first, it was the $100 price tag […]

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iPhone 4 GET! · May 6, 2011

Sorry for the recent blog silence… things have been pretty busy as of late, and of course the first thing to get cut is the blog. Don’t worry, I’ve still been game makin’. Revolve Ball just got updated with Game Center leaderboards and a few other tweaks, and I’ve started work on a new game. […]

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Hello World! · November 16, 2010

An introduction to the Ganbaru Games blog. Read about the type of content I plan to post regularly.

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