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Review: Nexus 4 · December 7, 2012

I was 100% certain this day would never come, but, as they say, “Never say never.” As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I’ve purchased an Android phone. As it might happen, for various reasons (read: $$$) I jumped ship from Verizon over to T-Mobile with an unlocked iPhone 4. Unfortunately, […]

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Review: Nexus 7 · July 27, 2012

Whatever your opinion about Google, they are among the companies leading the way forward in computer & internet technology. With that in mind, this year I watched the Google I/O keynote livestream, not really sure of what to expect. While there were some interesting announcements and demos, what I was really interested in was the […]

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Review: Triple Town · February 9, 2012

Since it’s been a few weeks since I last posted, I figure my loyal audience might need an update as to what’s happening in Ganbaru Games-land. Well, in December I took a break from development to play through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (which was awesome, by the way). January was regulated to dealing […]

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Review: Super Crate Box · January 13, 2012

Heyooo, time again for me to write another game review instead of actually making games! This installment will cover the “underground” PC hit with the most redundant/nonsensical name ever, Super Crate Box. Super Crate Box (hereafter, SCB) was released a year ago to critical acclaim by Dutch developers Vlambeer. Unfortunately, the first release was Windows-only, […]

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Review: Gears · June 16, 2011

I first saw Gears on the top 10 list in iTunes. The icon was unique, colorful, and featured a ball (hmm, sounds familiar). And it wasn’t Angry Birds, so I was intrigued. Not intrigued enough to actually click on the icon, though. It wasn’t until I got an email newsletter from Unity3D mentioning the game […]

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Review: Tiny Wings vs. Canabalt · March 24, 2011

Oh yeah, I’m going there: reviewing the #1 game on the App Store. Last Friday, during a company-wide meeting, one of my co-workers asked innocently, “So, has anyone played this ‘Tiny Wings’ game?” Only the entire internets, my friend. Only the entire internets. You’ve obviously played Tiny Wings, so this review is irrelevant as to […]

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Review: Horror Vacui 2 · January 24, 2011

Well, boys and girls, it’s review time again! The game that I decided to check out recently is called Horror Vacui 2. Horror Vacui 2 is an iOS strategy/board game designed by Shaun Inman, who is perhaps best known for his web apps Mint and Fever. However, he also seems to have a pretty strong […]

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Review: Kometen · December 20, 2010

This week’s iOS app review is a game called Kometen, which was programmed by Erik Svedäng, with art and music by Niklas Åkerblad. Erik is most well-known for his game Blueberry Garden, which won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference. I was initially drawn to try Kometen based on Erik’s […]

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My Photoshop Replacement · December 15, 2010

Since getting my Mac earlier this year, I’ve been on the lookout for a decent Photoshop replacement. Why replace Photoshop? Well, there are a number of reasons: It’s expensive. Even if I’m able to write it off on my taxes, CS5 runs $700. The features that I use don’t justify that price tag. It cements […]

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Review: BQLSI STAR LASER · November 24, 2010

So, as an ongoing effort to try more iOS games and learn from other developers, I’ve decided to resurrect the dreaded “game review.” This’ll hopefully force me to think a bit more critically about some of the games I’m playing, and it might help out the random reader who is looking for something interesting on […]

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