Nonogram Madness

A logic-based puzzle game for mobile devices and modern browsers

What are nonograms? Created by Non Ishida, nonograms are logic puzzles where blocks in a grid are filled in or left blank according to the clues on the sides of the grid. When the puzzle is solved correctly, the filled blocks create an amusing picture.

How To Play

Look at the rows and columns above and to the left of the puzzle grid. The numbers there tell you how many blocks are "filled" in each row and column. For example, a clue of "5 4" in a column means that there is a group of five sequential filled blocks, a space of at least one blank block, then four more filled blocks. In a 10x10 puzzle, this clue is easy to solve, because all the clues add up to the total height of the column. 5 filled blocks + 1 (or more) blank blocks + 4 filled blocks = 10. Solve easy clues first, then you can logically solve the harder ones to complete the puzzle.

Try it out in your browser! The full game is free to play here; get it in an app store to take it with you on the go.

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