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Prepaid Adventures, starring T-Mobile · October 19, 2012

While it’s true that this site is for the most part an iOS development blog, I branch out from time to time when I feel like writing about a particular topic. Today’s topic is cell phone service providers. I have to imagine that most of the readers of this blog own a cell phone (hopefully […]

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iPhone 4 GET! · May 6, 2011

Sorry for the recent blog silence… things have been pretty busy as of late, and of course the first thing to get cut is the blog. Don’t worry, I’ve still been game makin’. Revolve Ball just got updated with Game Center leaderboards and a few other tweaks, and I’ve started work on a new game. […]

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Menus and buttons in cocos2d · January 17, 2011

What the what? It’s tutorial time again! This time the subject will be a bit smaller in scope than some of my previous entries: menus and buttons. Buttons are obviously a key ingredient in any game’s UI. While iOS games might not use buttons for actual gameplay, at the very least your game will have […]

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Review: Kometen · December 20, 2010

This week’s iOS app review is a game called Kometen, which was programmed by Erik Svedäng, with art and music by Niklas Åkerblad. Erik is most well-known for his game Blueberry Garden, which won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference. I was initially drawn to try Kometen based on Erik’s […]

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Nonogram Madness 1.1 · December 11, 2010

Hey, so a new version of Nonogram Madness is out! I’d been wanting to do an update since the first version was released, since I boned the keyword list for the app when I first submitted it (you can’t change keywords unless you upload a new version). This update makes Nonogram Madness an “universal” app, […]

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Starting iOS programming with cocos2d · November 29, 2010

Learning to program for the iPhone or iPad probably seems daunting. You’ve heard rumors about Objective-C’s steep learning curve. Where can you even start? Well, fear not. In this post I’ll point you in the right direction to get you started with the tools that I currently use, Xcode and the cocos2d for iPhone framework. […]

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