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Preview: Shikaku Madness · April 6, 2012

It’s been a day of breaking blog silence! Part two of the Unity tutorial probably isn’t coming any time soon, in part due to the fact that I’ve been pluggin’ and chuggin’ on a new game. Yes, you can kick me now: it’s called Shikaku Madness, and yes, it’s a game based on an obscure […]

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Preview: color + shape · June 24, 2011

So, after about two months, I’m finally getting around to showing the current project I’m working on. This is an idea that I’ve had since before actually learning iOS development. To be honest, it’s not very original, but it’s kind of a fun diversion. Since I knew that I wouldn’t have to create levels, I […]

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Preview: Revolve Ball · January 5, 2011

So I figured that I’d do a quick preview of the next game I’m working on. It’s called Revolve Ball, and it’s a remake of a game that my friend Sam and I created in college, which is in turn a clone of an old Taito game called Camel Try. I was first introduced to […]

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